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COS Conference 2017 - Wise Action and Uncertainty


18 t/m 22 oktober 2017

We are living in rapidly and radically changing times, in many places of the world – times hard to make sense of, when it’s difficult to figure out what to do. So, what do we do when we don’t know what to do? Each one of us has some relevant experience and we, as humans, have all created some valid knowledge.

If you are curious and passionate about this topic, or have deep experience and wisdom in working with uncertainty, if you are looking for fellow travellers to share, create and disseminate this type of wisdom please join us to a 4-day learning expedition and an optional 5th day for writing and creating products.

What we will do and aim for:

Explore, share and create our collective wisdom
Build capacity for navigating unmapped territories
Form guidelines for wise action in times of uncertainty
Draft a book and other products for spreading it to relevant people and systems

Who will be there?

We are inviting 70 – 100 participants/co-creators, with a wide diversity of experience and knowledge, of all ages, from all over the world. Leaders, scholars, students, artists, consultants, journalists, entrepreneurs, people who are deeply interested. We intend to start weaving our web of relations long before we meet in October – stay tuned.

Design, program and facilitation

The design and preparation process of this conference is an emerging work. We use a structure with a wealth of ted-like talks, workshops, space for emerging contributions by all participants/co-creators who want to.  Feel free to approach us with more ideas! See overview of talks and workshops.

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