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Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution


If you are part of any living system you will be confronted with conflict as an inevitable part of growth and change. If you are interested in thriving in that living system then finding ways to address conflict that allow for them to be resolved in ways that give new insights and energy is vital. Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution provide you with ways to do just that.

In the Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution workshop, the focus is on the personal preparation of the facilitator, as being essential. Even if participants will never work with formal conflict resolution, this workshop provides ways to investigate our personal relationship with conflict, our level of self acceptance and which climate we can create when climate inevitably arises. 

The workshop is well suited to be brought into groups and organizations to raise self awareness and knowledge in order to improve the navigation of conflicts and prevention of its negative, energy draining effects.

This 2 day experiential training will deepen your knowledge and your skills to assist organizations and companies to work with conflict and develop your capacity to facilitate and navigate with conflict. 

You will learn:

A practical, holistic process for conflict resolution

A practical, holistic way of preparing the individuals involved

A practical, holistic way of preparing yourself to work with successful conflict resolution

An integrated method for preparing yourself and your clients for conflict resolution and a practical guide to how to run conflict resolutions meetings should they be necessary

The skills and knowledge to recognize when conflict resolution won't work and other means need to be employed

A complete skill and knowledge module for consultants, managers, and leaders with benefit used on its own or in conjunction with other components of the Genuine Contact™ Program.

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This training is for anyone who works to assist organizations to access their full power, such as facilitators, managers and (team) leaders as well as organizational development consultants.

It can be especially useful to you if you work in settings with high level's of change and high levels of both open and hidden conflict.    

This training will also be useful to you should you want to develop your ability to navigate with conflict either as a consultant, or as an organizational or team lead.

Where: Landgoed Zonheuvel, Amersfoortseweg 98 in Doorn


Corporate €850,00 ex. VAT

Small Business €700,00 ex VAT



Aangemeld door: D.L. Gottlieb van Doris Gottlieb Consulting