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Training Agile & Scrum (Engelstalig) - Amsterdam


Agile (Scrum) projects focus on time slots in which project teams make their decisions based on the facts of the project known at that moment. The agile project methods do not rely on long blueprints or project plans given the fact that in many cases it is hard to design the outcome of a project. Therefore agile project management is a good approach for projects in which the result is hard to describe before hand such as creative projects and software development projects. In software development projects especially agile methods are used more and more. The Agile project management course is designed for project leaders and teams who are thinking of starting to work ‘agile’ .

Extra informatie

The training take place in Amsterdam and the costs of the training are € 575,- (VAT excluded). On our site you find more information about the training and how you can sign up.


Aangemeld door: Eliz van Kampen van www.projectmanagement-training.nl