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Genuine Contact. A holistic approach to organizational excellence

The Genuine Contact™ way of working is an approach to organizational development that supercharges the work you are already doing, using simple but very effective means that lead to genuine contact and the capacity to thrive in change really fast. The Genuine Contact Program is a series of workshops developed to assist people in learning to work with and in the approach. People use Genuine Contact around the world successfully in all types of organizations.

A Holistic Approach to Organizational Success

The Genuine Contact™ Program is a Co-Owned educational program, lead by certified Genuine Contact trainers who have decided to take on leadership for stewarding the program and supporting people who use this approach.  Independent members of Genuine Contact around the world also work as consultants, facilitators, coaches and mentors supporting you to achieve your business goals.

Within the Genuine Contact approach we focus on two areas. 

·       Supporting and mentoring leaders who are committed to developing cultures of leadership within their organizations, so that everyone within the organization is able to and encouraged to take leadership for their part of the organization.

·       Building deep connections between people based upon their commitment and alignment with the organization's purpose. 

The approach also enables you to use simple tools and methods that can be repeated and integrated into the "dna" of the organization to help creating an organizational climate of health, balance and resilience.

The Genuine Contact Program is designed to be modular. You are able to take only those workshops you would like, be that one, two or the entire Program. 



Path to Organizational Health and Balance 

An orientation to a holistic approach to organizational success and the resulting benefits from such an approach. It also provides an introduction to some simple, easily duplicated tools. 

Achieving Organizational Health and Balance: Diagnosis and Regeneration

Provides participants with the skills and confidence to carry out a diagnosis of the state of health and balance (wellness) of their organization without the need for consultant help. You leave with self-help tools so you can do periodic checks and adjustments in order to sustain the desired state of the organization. 

Individual Health and Balance for Leaders 

Provides a framework to examine your personal health and balance and to develop a plan for regaining health and balance within a fast-paced stress filled life. This is key to good decision making and sustained leadership performance. 

Holistic Leadership Development

For those who are ready to go to the next level of leadership development, expand- ing your capacity as a leader to nourish a culture of leadership in your organization and sustain optimal, spirited performance. You have already developed increased self-awareness about your personal health and balance by taking the Individual Health and Balance workshop for leaders. 


Working with Open Space Technology (OST) 

A highly participative method for large group meetings, that when used frequently shifts the culture in the organization.
You will learn to facilitate OST meetings and you will learn the longer process
of planning, debrief and accountability meetings to make optimal use of the results for the benefit of the organization. 

Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) 

This meeting method is more guided while still offering maximum choice and freedom to participants. It is congruent in values to Open Space Technology. WPPF invites the whole person to be present in the meeting and use his or her full wisdom and potential to find the solutions that are needed. 

Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution (CCCR) 

Works from the perspective that underneath the diversity, all humans have some things in common. The workshop supports your contact with yourself and your beliefs about conflicts and provides a design for conflict resolution from a perspective of universal needs and understandings. 

Genuine Contact Organization (GCO) 

An operating system to foster a solution-focused base and achieve sustainable peak performance for a living organization. It provides patterns of simple processes that can handle and benefit from all the complexity within and outside the organization. It also provides a nourishing environment in which the human spirit can flourish creatively and fulfill its potential. 

Train the Trainer 

Grow into mastery in using and teaching the Genuine ContactTM program. Deepen your understanding of working with Genuine Contact and become authorized to teach the full program in-house and in public workshops. You are invited to join the ongoing international mentoring circle of Trainers and through membership can access resources to support you in working with Genuine Contact including sample training outlines for facilitating your own workshops. As a Genuine Contact Trainer, you are invited to become a member of the Genuine Contact Co-owner Group Inc.

The Genuine Contact Program has been designed to teach people this holistic approach. Although you can benefit from any one of the trainings that are part of the program, there is great benefit to take the whole journey including becoming a certified trainer to give you the whole picture of this approach.

Learn more about the workshops in our Brochure: Your learning curve is the road to the future

The Genuine Contact Program is designed to be modular. You are able to take only those workshops you would like. A module lasts from half a day up to five days. Each workshop has its own price.

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