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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt English training

Would you like to learn how to guide and implement the improvement projects but already successfully completed the Green Belt training? Then the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt training will be the right choice for you.

Who is the Green Belt to Black Belt training for?

You have completed your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and gained experience in optimising processes as a Green Belt project manager. Now, you are ready for the next phase of your Lean Six Sigma knowledge and you want to develop into a Black Belt. This is possible with our Green to Black Belt training in which both your knowledge of statistics and your Lean Six Sigma techniques will be expanded and developed within 8 days. During this training, you will also learn how to coach Green Belts at your organisation and how to support the others with statistics.

What will you learn?

Like our other trainings, the Green to Black Belt training combines theory and practical approach. After completing the training, you will be able to implement independently Lean Six Sigma project improvements within your organisation and to guide improvement programs based on the Green Belts. Briefly, an intensive and practical training, which you can apply directly in your own situation.

The outline of the 8-day training is as following:

Assignment preparation: “Portfolio Lean Six Sigma Green Belt”

Block 1:

Masterclass Policy Deployment; This deepening module deals with program management and Lean Six Sigma Policy Deployments. The main question is: "How do we roll out process improvement in organizations and what is getting involved?". This block involves a step-by-step improvement program for the organisation. We’re dealing with techniques such as Scrum, Lean Leadership, OGSM and the change map.

Assignment preparation: “Make a change map for your own organisation"

Block 2:

Masterclass Advanced Six Sigma; During this block, the participants learn how to analyse data according to the Six Sigma method. This includes hypothesis testing, process performance analysis and measurement system analysis. No woolly statistics but concrete examples and implementations. Next to it, we’re also working with Minitab.

Assignment preparation: "Data collection and analysis"

Block 3:

Masterclass Advanced Lean; Lean offers many techniques to analyse and improve even the most difficult processes. We will discuss it during this module, and how the processes can be analysed using Value Stream Mapping.

Assignment preparation: " Future State Value Stream Map for an own process"

Block 4:

Masterclass Black Belt; As a Black Belt you will implement Green Belts projects. Supervising projects or coaching are required skills but one can be learned. Based on the Kata coaching, we will teach our participants to coach Green Belts.

During the last part of this block, we will ensure adequate exam preparation.

What our customers say about us?

“Ward has a lot of experience in making processes more effective and efficient. His practical knowledge and experience together with the Lean Six Sigma theory is of great help by applying the knowledge in your daily work. Ward is not only very serious in making sure his students are getting the most out of the training, but he is also very pragmatic in using examples of the industry students are active in. 
I believe that the training could be even more personalized when all students participating have the same level of understanding- and applying Lean Six Sigma so that the pace of the course is adjusted to students' needs. ”

"Very good training, with loads of techniques. Good combination of exercises and training. Enough room for questions. Lean six sigma in itself is a great technique to improve processes from a more fact based method."


This training takes 8 days and it is being divided into 4 blocks, which has total lessons time of 64 hours.

The training times are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Also, you are going to prepare for each block, therefore you should reserve approximately 4 hours of preparation per block, so 16 hours in total. This is about putting the learned theory into practice as much as possible.

An exam follows the training, and it will take 3 hours. Exam preparation time varies per participant. From our experiences, we recommend for the most of participants approximately 20 hours of preparation. This exam includes both the Green Belt and the Green Belt to Black Belt materials.

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