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Agile-Scrum (English) - 15 november 2019- Amsterdam

The Agile method can be used to organise projects. It involves a number of short iterative phases and intensive collaboration between the members of a project team. The essence of Agile is that project teams do not work on the basis of design agreements that have been developed in full in advance, but decide what they will work on per project cycle. The Agile project management course is designed for project leaders and teams who are thinking of starting to work Agile.

The Agile method originally emerged from software development and ICT projects, but it is used at a much broader level today. Examples include research projects, innovative projects, organisational improvements, product development and projects in the creative sector. The object of Agile techniques is to maintain control of projects and achieve the very best result (a better result!) despite the changeable nature of these projects. Another goal is to utilise the creativity of team members as much as possible.

In this 1 day Agile course several methods of Agile project management are looked at. The method of Scrum will be discussed in more detail. Scrum is one of the most well-known sub-sets of the Agile body of thought. Next to Scrum other important Agile methods in this course (Agile, XP, DSDM) will be covered.

The Agile training is suitable for anyone who is involved in projects that require a high level of creativity or that are often difficult to plan, design and manage. You can join the Agile training without any prior knowledge or experience of projects. However, we do recommend that all participants do the standard project management or project-based work courses as well.

Content for the Agile training

- What is Agile?
- Agile versus traditional projects (waterfall model)
- The steps involved in an Agile project
- Roles and tasks in an Agile team
- Using the Agile simulation to practise
- Agile methods (XP, Scrum and DSDM, etc.)
- Integrating an Agile project into an organisation
- Creating a project planning (Agile project planning)
- Monitoring the quality and speed of your Agile project
- Disadvantages, risks and limitations of Agile methods
- Aids and tools for the implementation of an Agile project
- Preparing for an Agile certificate (optional)

After completing the course, you will know:

- What Agile entails, when to use it and when not to use it.
- How to set up an Agile project and implement it successfully.
- Which preconditions are necessary for the successful implementation of an Agile project in your organisation or company.

€ 595,- (VAT excluded)
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1 dag

Lauriergracht 116-S4
tel: 087-8747848

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  • 15-11-2019 - 15-11-2018 : Agile-Scrum (English) - 15 november 2019- Amsterdam